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Carpet Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction vs. Carpet Shampooing

Truck-mounted hot water extraction is a great carpet cleaning method, and recommended by carpet manufacturers. Hot water extraction leaves no residue and does not damage carpet fibers. Additionally, the vacuum power from truck-mounted equipment is strong enough to lift the equivalent of a 14lb bowling ball, and moves 450 cubic feet of air per minute through the vacuum hose.

Hot water extraction injects a steamy cleaning solution directly into carpet, and extracts the solution with all contaminants out of carpet and padding all in the same motion. Because the equipment is in the truck, the noise and dirty solution stay outside. So all we bring into your home is the hose, and all we leave is a clean, fresh, sanitized carpet.

Unlike shampooing, hot water extraction (also known as "steam cleaning") leaves the carpet and padding virtually moisture-free. Shampooing carpets requires saturation which can take a day or more to fully dry.

Don't settle for a clunky, bulky rental machine and lugging dirty solution through your home. Give David a call and let him give your home the Royal treatment.

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