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Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning

Your tile and grout can be restored to like-new condition. Royal Restoration's professional equipment gets steam super hot to sanitize and dissolve grime, and loosen it from within the grout.

tile and grout steam cleaning Garfield c
Before  Steam Cleaning

Before Steam Cleaning

Dirty, Dingy, Dull

After Steam Cleaning

After Steam Cleaning

Grout is restored to original color.

Embedded Dirt Before Steam Cleaning

Embedded Dirt Before Steam Cleaning

Grout and tile pores are clogged and stained.

After Steam Cleaning

After Steam Cleaning

Tiles and grout and sanitized and restored to their original beauty.

Tile and grout can collect an astonishing amount of dirt over time. Germs and bacteria collect between tiles, changing their color and stealing their vibrancy. When tiles and grout are left unwashed for a long period of time, it reflects poorly on your home and can give your kitchens and bathrooms a worn-down appearance.

Royal Restoration & Carpet Cleaning can help. We offer comprehensive tile and grout cleaning services that will keep your tiles shining no matter how old they are. We use state-of-the-art techniques and top-quality cleaning machines to blast dirt from in between tiles and restore the vibrant appearance of your kitchen or bathroom.

Tiles require periodic thorough cleaning. A thorough cleaning does more than just improve the appearance of your home: it also protects tiles from wear and tear. One simple cleaning can restore the original color and appearance of older tile while also removing harmful germs from your flooring.

There are all sorts of different tile and grout cleaning methods available today. We’ve tried a variety of techniques and settled on one battle-tested method that works wonders. Some companies use harsh chemicals to wipe away dirt. These chemicals can lead to serious corrosion problems that cause more harm than good.

Royal, on the other hand, oxygenates your tile and grout in order to safely restore its vibrant appearance. We wash away bacteria and germs that have collected between tiles. Our superior cleaning techniques and machines protect your tiles and grout for years into the future. We blast away stains and make sure your tiles always look their best.

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