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Carpet Facts You Should Know

Here are some "dirty little secrets" about your carpeting that you may not want to know... but you should.

  1. Your carpet holds more germs than your toilet. Disgusting to think about but true. Because your carpeting is porous and fibrous, the massive surface area allows it to hold 4000x more germs than a smooth surface like your toilet seat.

  2. Norovirus, a common stomach bug, can live over 10 days in carpet fibers. It's true! If you have little ones crawling around, and especially if you have pets AND little ones, carpet cleaning is absolutely ESSENTIAL and should not be considered a "luxury." Maintaining the health of your home and your family is a priority, and keeping your carpets cleaned regularly can play a HUGE role in taking care of your health.

  3. Carpet can hide dirt and still appear clean. If you have ever had new carpeting installed you know this to be a fact. When old carpet comes up, so does a tremendous amount of dirt and dust. Some studies have shown that carpets can hide up to 1lb of dirt per yard and still appear clean.

But carpeting is not all bad news! In reality, carpets act as a filter because they DO trap dirt, and they can also keep a tremendous amount of dander and dust from floating freely through the air. Keeping your carpets clean is really the key to a healthy home because just like you need to change the air filter in your HVAC system, you must clean your carpets too.

David has years of experience, powerful truck-mounted equipment, and super-hot steam to ensure that your carpets are fresh, clean and sanitized. Contact David today for carpet cleaning services, and let Royal help you keep your home "Midwest Fresh and Clean."

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