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Choose an Industry Certified Restoration Pro

Choosing a certified professional when your home or office needs restoration from water or fire damage is important. Many insurance companies require and will only approve a certified restoration provider. This is for the protection of the property and the homeowner. Here are a few (simplified) explanations as to why it's of the utmost importance to hire a professional for restoration services:


Many restoration projects require specialized chemicals, specialized equipment, and specific values in order to ensure the environment is safe to return once the restoration project is completed.

If flooding has occurred in a home or office, humidity levels and temperatures are evaluated in key areas of the dwelling or structure to ensure mold and bacterial growth will not continue un-checked once the project is completed.

Air-quality levels are also measured to make sure the safety of the environment is within acceptable limits before people return to the environment.

The chemicals and solutions used in the restoration process must be handled, stored, and removed in a safe manner.

Equipment which can get water / steam to the high temperatures required to kill virus and bacteria must be handled by trained and specialized technicians in order to ensure the job is done thoroughly and safely.


In summary, a restoration project is not something that can be managed by just any "handyman" or as a "diy." If your home or office space has experienced water, smoke, fire, or mold damage due to a catastrophic flood or fire, contact David at Royal Restoration to make sure your environment is properly and professionally restored to safety. David is trusted by locals throughout Enid, Lahoma, Garfield County, and surrounding communities. He is also referred by insurance agents and former clients and even private-pay customers. Many individuals and families have trusted their homes and workplaces to David, and you can too. Contact David today for water damage restoration, mold mitigation, air-quality issues, carpet cleaning, and smoke damage restoration services.

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