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Flood Mold Prevention and Treatment

If you experience flooding in your basement or in your home, it's important to call a professional water damage restoration pro as soon as possible. Rapid extraction of the water, and complete removal of moisture is vital to preventing further expensive damage and dangerous contamination from mold.

If flooding occurs from outside, the water is likely contaminated with some level of sewage, and necessitates the removal of most furniture, carpeting, drywall, floorboards, and vinyl flooring that would have been exposed. Metal furniture and even some hardwoods CAN be restored by professionals with sanitizing equipment, but most composite materials and upholstered furniture will need to be discarded completely.

rapid water extraction after a flooding event
Removal of moisture after a flooding event is critical to preventing mold growth and restoring the home to safe conditions

The importance of rapid water extraction after a flooding event cannot be overstated. The longer water and moisture remain on surfaces and penetrating into materials, the more dangerous the environment becomes. Using extremely powerful truck-mounted equipment, professional water damage restoration experts will rapidly remove standing water and begin the process of drying out the excess moisture in the flooring and walls to prevent mold growth. Depending on the amount of time the structure was exposed to water, some flooring may be salvaged, but if materials cannot be completely dried and sanitized, they will be a medium for mold growth later on.

It's important to hire an expert certified in mold mitigation and mold removal as well as water extraction because the capability to test for moisture and test for mold is a critical step in water damage restoration. Even small amounts of remaining moisture is dangerous and will cause problems later on if the water is removed but the moisture in floor boards, drywall, flooring, or concrete remains and continues to provide a medium for mold growth within the walls, behind baseboards, or under flooring.

Because mold can grow on almost any natural surface like paper, wood and drywall, when you experience a flooding event, contact David at Royal Restoration, and be assured that not only will you receive rapid water extraction and moisture removal, your dwelling will be safe from future mold growth and dangerous living conditions. 580-233-8941

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