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Heavy Rain can Cause Groundwater Intrustion

Heavy rains often means standing water and inadequate drainage around your foundation. However, there are steps you can take to help reduce the risk of poor drainage issues leading to foundation cracks and basement leaks.

Make sure gutters are clean. Overflowing gutters means water is not channeled away from the house the way it should be.

Direct water away from the soil around the foundation. Make sure gutter extensions are channeling the water at least 3 feet away.

Loosen the soil. If you frequently notice standing water near the foundation of your home, it may be that the soil is compact so the water cannot properly be absorbed and dissipate. Use an aerator or soil conditioner to help loosen the soil to ensure that during heavy rains standing water near the foundation doesn’t become a problem.

Check the grading around your home. This can be a real problem. Most homes are constructed with good grading away from the home, but sometimes older homes are not. If water is draining towards the foundation anywhere around the perimeter of your home, get a landscaping crew in there to help you. If that’s not affordable, there are some great tutorials online that can help you create berms and French drains to help protect your foundation from water damage.

If you experience flooding in your basement or crawlspace after heavy rains, contact David at Royal. IICRC Certified, using powerful equipment, he will get you dried out and stay in communication with you until the job is done. 580-233-8941

Heavy Rain Can Cause Groundwater Intrustion
Heavy Rain Can Cause Groundwater Intrustion

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