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Hire a Pro to Deal With Mold and Water Damage

If you've experienced water damage in your home, don't attempt to mitigate this on your own. Contact David at Royal Restoration for professional mold mitigation and water damage restoration, and avoid costly and potentially dangerous pitfalls.

Mold damage is difficult to detect. Mold spores can be behind floorboards and drywall, in carpeting, and even in ductwork. Mold is not necessarily visible, but can create a smell that is "off," and can permeate just about any porous surface. As a licensed and certified mold mitigation expert, David at Royal Restoration uses specialized equipment to detect mold and even the most remote traces of moisture where mold can be festering. Areas of your home where you cannot physically look can be checked for mold damage using heat sensors, and those areas can be managed before mold colonies become so large that they cause intensive damage.

Mold must be completely removed for the mitigation process to be successful and enduring. Areas that have been damaged from mold, where a colony has formed, are completely tore out, and all remaining mold spores are killed and encapsulated. Only then can the area be restored with new materials. This is a process that must be done thoroughly at each step for mitigation and restoration to be successful. If this work is not done correctly the first time, you may be looking at expensive repairs down the road (and another mess).

After the restoration process is complete, it's essential to make sure that the original source of the problem is dealt with properly. Whether this is a foundation repair, sump-pump replacement, drainage issue, plumbing leak, or roof repair, there must be assurances that moisture will not return to that area of your home or structure.

David at Royal Restoration has been serving Garfield County and surrounding areas for decades. You can trust your home to "Royal Treatment," and ensuring the job is done right the first time. Contact David today.

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