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New Carpet Odor Solutions

It's fabulous to get fresh, clean, new carpeting, especially if you've got pets or kiddos and you've had to live with some wear-n-tear for awhile. But what's that SMELL, and is it harmful?

New carpet gives off what's called "volatile organic compounds," (VOC's), and that's the odor that identifies new carpets, new upholstery and even new car interiors. VOC's are released as part of the process of the carpet "off-gassing," which is exactly what is sounds like. The new carpet is releasing the various synthetic chemicals used to manufacture the carpet, the padding, and even the glue.

Some people experience headaches from exposure to VOC's so that's why it's important to try to minimize exposure, especially of kiddos and pets, to the gasses being released into the air in the rooms where new carpet is installed. The smell of VOC's are most pronounced during the first 48 hours after installation, but the odors can linger for up to 6 weeks. There are, however, a few solutions to help mitigate this process.

Open windows and use air movers and fans. This is the most sensible plan if the weather is nice. Heat actually increases the rate of off-gassing so even if it's a little warm out it's beneficial to open that room to the outside and keep air moving through the room for as long as possible.

Baking Soda sprinkled onto the carpet and left overnight will help absorb VOC's as they are emitted from the new carpet and padding. Vacuum with a HEPA filter the next day and repeat if necessary.

The best solution to removing VOC's as rapidly as possible is professional steam cleaning. Steam from truck-mounted equipment gets much hotter than home steam machines and the heat can help accelerate the process of VOC off-gassing. The vacuum pulls the particulates out of the air, providing a safer option for rapid removal of VOC's after new carpet installation.

Royal is the carpet cleaning company you can trust. Family owned and operated, David will provide great service at a fair price. If you've just installed new carpeting and are struggling with the effects of VOC off-gassing, contact David today. 580-233-8941

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