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Nylon Carpets are Better after Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning nylon carpet fibers actually "re-activates" the hydrogen molecule that makes up part of the nylon structure, and will literally cause the carpet fibers to "bounce back" to life, looking fresh and new. Nylon carpets respond to steam cleaning especially because it's the high heat component of the cleaning process that really creates the effect.

Nylon carpets account for almost 60% of all carpet sales, making them the most popular carpets in residential homes. Part of the reason for their popularity is the longevity and durability they offer. For this reason, nylon carpets are especially popular in high traffic areas like entryways, hallways, and living areas. Nylon is also more resistant to mold growth because it lacks any natural fibers that can provide a home for fungus, bacteria and mold.

A downside of nylon, however, is that they are highly absorbent. Especially nylon carpets that have been acid dyed versus those that have been solution dyed. Solution dyed nylon has the color stained into the actual fibers as they are being produced, and the colors are therefore part of the fiber, creating a bit of a barrier to staining. Acid-dyed carpets, however, have been stained after the fibers have been formed, and will actually continue to absorb color, and therefore stain more easily.

But the good news about nylon carpets is they respond fantastically to steam cleaning. The high heat in the steam cleaning process can literally cause the hydrogen molecules in the carpet fibers to "puff" and create new body within the carpet fibers. This can bring high-traffic areas back to life. It is recommended to have nylon carpeting cleaned every 12 months, but if your home is low-traffic and no pets, steam cleanings can maybe be scheduled every 18 months.

David at Royal Restoration has decades of experience and will restore your carpets to like-new condition. Especially if you have nylon carpeting in your home or office, you will be amazed how fresh and new they will seem after a steam cleaning from Royal. Contact David to schedule your carpet cleaning today. 580-233-8941

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