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Oklahoma is One of the Worst States for Fall Allergies

Here's an interesting article that ranks OK City one of the worst places for fall allergies. But if you live here, that probably doesn't surprise you. After a warm summer, and entering into a warm fall, pollen counts increase dramatically and pollen seasons last longer, creating terrible conditions for those who suffer allergies.

In addition to just suffering allergies, during a time when virus and flu are prevalent, people who suffer from allergies are more at risk to not only getting sick but of spreading virus through sneezes, coughs and drippy noses.

That's why keeping the air in your home fresh and clean is so important. Royal Restoration Air Duct cleaning services can help. In addition to carpet and upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning can remove pet dander, mold spores, pollen, dust mites, and other allergens from your duct work, providing cleaner, more breathable air throughout your home.

Clean Air Duct after Royal Restoration Treatment
After Air Duct Cleaning Services

Clogged with allergens and pet dander before air duct cleaning services.
Before Air Duct Cleaning Services. Vents are clogged with allergens.

David has helped many families and homeowners throughout Garfield and surrounding counties to breath easier and enjoy their homes, even during the most brutal allergy seasons. He is referred and recommended by existing clients, and trusted to provide immaculate services. Contact David today and breath easier tomorrow!

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