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Return to Fresh Air and Clean Surfaces as You Return to Work

The office spaces have been largely abandoned for a few weeks, and while they are probably germ-free with regards to Coronavirus, there is a good chance they're a "musty" and "stuffy" as a result of being unoccupied.

Go ahead and make the transition back to the office much more pleasant by contacting David at Royal Restoration for Air Duct Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning for your office. Professional Steam Cleaning equipment can go deep into carpets and office upholstered surfaces to pull out dust-mites, mold spores and dormant bacteria and virus cells which are likely creating a stifling and depressing musty smell.

Air Duct cleaning is important too since the offices have been unoccupied and dust has likely settled on many surfaces. Professional Air Duct cleaning and Industrial Air Scrubbers and Air Movers can help freshen the office space, making the return to "normal" a bit more pleasant for everyone.

Call David today for Air Duct Cleaning and Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning for your office. Respected, trusted, and IICRC certified, David at Royal Restoration has helped many residents and professionals throughout Lahoma, Enid, Garfield County, and surrounding communities keep their homes and offices "Midwest Fresh and Clean!"

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