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Specialized Professional Duct Cleaning Services for All Duct Types

If you are seeking to improve the air quality in your home, it's important to hire a pro for specialized duct cleaning services. There are different types of duct work, and all must be managed carefully and in a different way. There are basically four different types of duct work that can be in your home or office. The professional experience David at Royal Restoration brings can handle any duct cleaning job, regardless of the type of duct work or the size of the dwelling.

Sheet metal is sturdy and easy to clean, while fiberboard and fiberglass are both heavily textured. Because the surface area is vast due to the fibrous nature of these types of ductwork, dust, particulates, dander, and pollen can all be trapped in the ductwork in tremendous quantities. These ducts must be gently and carefully cleaned in order to thoroughly remove all foreign particulates while gently maintaining the integrity of the duct work. Flexible ductwork doesn't have the "fibers" to snag as many particles from the air, but it has ridges which can still hold incredible amounts of dust and dander.

Flexible ductwork has "ridges" that tend to collect more dust and debris, and must be cleaned with care to avoid tearing.

Sheet metal ductwork is sturdy and doesn't typically accumulate as much dust and particulate matter as more fibrous ductwork.

Whether your duct work is sheet metal, fiberboard, fiberglass, or flexible duct material, David has the equipment and expertise to provide immaculate air duct cleaning without doing damage to the material.

For the most effective cleaning services, and to avoid damage to your duct work and maintain the integrity of your air heating and cooling system in your home, contact David for professional duct cleaning services.

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