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Steam Cleaning Grout and Tile

Using steam when cleaning grout make the job much simpler and leaves the area sanitized and bacteria free. It’s also the best technique to use before your are sealing or re-sealing your grout. Royal’s powerful truck mounted equipment can get steam much hotter than rental / consumer machines, and will prevent any unfortunate injuries that occur when people attempt to do steam cleaning on their own.

Why is steam so effective? Well, before the grout is steamed, a preleminary mop of the floor or tiled surface removes loose dirt and residue recently deposited. However, dirt, grime and bacteria have become embedded in the grout over time, and therefore remain even after mopping with very hot water. Steam serves to loosen embedded dirt, creating an almost “muddy” liquid from the released grime, dirt and bacteria. Once this “shushy” muck is loosened, it can be mopped up using sanitizing solutions, leaving your floors truly clean and freshened.

The frequency of steam cleaning grout is determined by the traffic in your home, whether you have kids and / or pets, and your family’s lifestyle. Contact David to learn more about industrial steam cleaning, the safety and effectiveness of hiring a licensed professional, and the frequency of services. Royal Means Clean! 580-233-8941

Steam Cleaning Grout and Tile Eliminates Bacteria
Steam Cleaning Grout and Tile Eliminates Bacteria

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