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Steam Cleaning Textured Tile Provides Beautiful Results

If you've got tile floors that are of a more rustic or natural look, it's likely there are many nooks and crannies in the tiles themselves and not just in the grout. Steam cleaning is a fantastic way to sanitize and clean textured tile, providing beautiful results.

Professional steam cleaning of tile and grout ensures that the floors are not only clean of debris, grease and dirt (and their respective odors) trapped in the nooks and crannies, but that bacteria, virus, mold, and microscopic particulates are removed. This leaves your tile and grout SANITARY. Super-heated steam is forced into those microscopic gaps and loosens unwanted particulates trapped in there, allowing them to be suctioned up and removed from your flooring.

Bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and even tiled covered porches may appear "clean" but in reality are holding grease, grime, dirt, and potentially even mold. All of which can harbor odors and germs. It's beneficial to your home and your family to steam clean tiled areas at least once a year, and more frequently in high-traffic areas. Kitchens especially, because food and grease are in abundance, need to be steam-cleaned every few months to help maintain a sanitary environment, and remove unwanted lingering odors that can permeate throughout your home.

Steam Cleaning Porous Tile is Especially Effective at Killing Mold.

Many people do not realize that bleach does not necessarily kill mold. However, super-heated steam will. The steam can permeate into the tiniest cracks, killing the mold and loosening surrounding particles which are then extracted. Simply mopping, even with bleach or another cleaning solution, can help remove surface grease and dirt, but may not necessarily prevent the growth of mold and the production of harmful mycotoxins. Steam cleaning is more effective and helps reduce mold growth dramatically.

Super Heated Steam penetrates into textured tiles and grout, killing bacteria and mold, and removing grease, grime and debris.

For over 20 years, Royal Restoration has been using the most effective, safe cleaning products, and the power of truck-mounted steam equipment to take care of your friends and neighbors throughout Garfield County and surrounding communities. David is referred and trusted by many in Lahoma, Enid and local areas. He's been helping families keep their homes "Midwest Fresh and Clean" for many years, and is proud to be trusted by insurance agents and homeowners.

So whether you're expecting company, expecting a new baby, or just want to refresh your home, contact David today for steam cleaning of your textured or natural stone flooring.

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