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Vacuum Often to Keep Your Home Clean and Safe

Vacuuming frequently is the general recommendation of carpet manufacturers, interior designer, and professional carpet cleaners. Even if you're not a "neat freak," vacuuming at least twice a week is a good way to keep your entire home fresh and clean.

Oily dirt and dust will attract MORE oily dirt and dust, so keeping carpeting free of as much residue as possible can play a role in preventing build up, stains and odors in your carpeting. Vacuuming high-traffic areas DAILY is actually a fantastic habit to develop because it will prevent carpet fibers from breaking down as quickly as they otherwise would under the buildup of dirt.

Vacuuming lower traffic areas at least twice a week is recommended. Areas where people mostly walk bare-foot or infrequently (like beside the bed, or a rarely-used back hallway) can still collect dirt, oily skin cells, and pet dander. Residue and odors build up resulting in the carpeting looking worn even in low-traffic areas. So vacuuming twice a week in low traffic areas can help keep your home smelling and feeling fresh as well.

If you have pets, you probably need to vacuum daily. Even in low-traffic areas, if your pets lay beside your bed, or frequent specific areas of your home, vacuuming daily is necessary to reduce pet dander and the accumulation of bacteria like salmonellas and cyclospora. These bacterias are dangerous and can cause illness, malaise, fatigue, diarrhea, and other unwanted effects.

Vacuuming frequently preserves carpet fibers. Dirt can act like little small razors nicking and cutting into carpet fibers when compressed and ground from walking across the carpeting. Dirt can also reduce the sheen of fibers, which is why high-traffic areas are so noticeable compared to the rest of the carpeting. Wearing the sheen off the carpeting can also make that area more susceptible to stains.

Start your carpet cleaning project off with a thorough deep-clean from Royal. Using super heated water and solutions that will break down the oils and proteins causing stains and odors, Royal Restoration will bring your worn, dull, smelly carpeting back to life, and give you a fresh start. Contact David today to schedule your whole house carpet cleaning project, and get a fresh start!

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