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Water Damage Restoration - The First 48 Hours

Updated: May 26, 2020

Water damage in your home or basement can initially seem devastating and overwhelming, but if it's managed in an organized and methodical way within the first 48 hours, it can save you time, money, sweat, and additional damage to your property and possessions in the long run.

The first action in dealing with water damage in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or other area of your home is SAFETY! Make sure there are no appliances plugged in and sitting in the water, and if there is any risk of any electronic device in the water, contact the electric company immediately and have the power to the property disconnected. There is no possession or property that is so valuable that it is worth a human life. In addition to risk of electrical shock, risk of infection from contaminated water is very high depending on the type of water damage involved. A professional Water Damage Restoration company, like Royal Restoration, can assess the level of decontamination that will be required depending on the type of flooding that has occurred. Contact a professional restoration company RIGHT AWAY to avoid costlier damage down the road.

The second action involved in a water damage clean-up is salvage. Remove what articles can be salvaged and begin drying them out as soon as possible. Many items such as appliances and furniture CAN be recovered if removed quickly, and if industrial air movers, dehumidifiers, and water extraction tools are employed rapidly.

Thirdly, professional equipment is MUCH more powerful and effective than rental equipment. Truck-mounted water extraction pumps, portable sump-pumps, industrial fans and dehumidifiers, and air-quality testing kits are all utilized during extreme water damage restoration jobs. The sooner these tools are in place and drying out the area, the less damage and the less risk of mold and spread of moisture throughout the dwelling.

While you're waiting for the pros, here are some great ideas to help you manage the water damage and keep your possessions safe until you have time to deal with everything.

1. Place wet books, photos, or important papers in ziploc bags and freeze them. This will buy you some time and keep them from falling apart and mildewing unitl you can have space and resources to dry them out properly.

2. Remove vinyl (or linoleum) as soon as possible and get the wet padding pulled out and hauled away.

Water damage is never fun and can seem overwhelming, but taking practical steps and calling in professional help can minimize your stress and expense in the long run. Royal Restoration is here for you when you need us most.

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