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Coronavirus Lifespan on Surfaces in Your Home

While this particular strain of Coronavirus is new, there have been very similar viruses in the past, and that has allowed researchers to speculate on the lifespan of Coronavirus on various types of surfaces.

If you're concerned about bringing Coronavirus home on your clothes and shoes, you're not far off the mark. Research has shown that Coronavirus CAN live on fabric, just not as long. According to Dr. Esper with the Cleveland Clinic, "The virus typically doesn't like to live on surfaces that have a lot of holes or microscopic little grooves...As soon as the virus hits something that’s not alive and certainly not a human, it’s not going to do very well." The full article can be found here, and is a very interesting read.

The very smooth surfaces like glass and doorknobs are the best hosts for virus, so hand-washing and routinely wiping down smooth surfaces in your home is a good idea. Countertops, faucets, doorknobs, remote controls, keyboards, and hand-held electronics should all be cleaned as frequently as possible to help minimize the spread of infection.

Having said that, while infectious Coronavirus may not be in your carpeting and upholstery, everyone is home more during this historic event, and is therefore tracking in and creating more dust mites, hair, skin cells, and pollen into and around your home. Keeping your home fresh and clean right now is more important than ever.

Steam carpet cleaning and steaming upholstery and curtains throughout your home can help you feel #SafeAtHome and enjoy the time in your home by providing a fresh, safe environment for you and your family members. David at Royal Restoration is trusted by your friends and neighbors throughout Enid, Lahoma, Garfield County and surrounding communities to provide the Royal Treatment for you and your family. Contact David today to keep your home "Midwest Fresh and Clean!"

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