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The Importance of Regular Grout Steam Cleaning

Keeping grout clean is more than just aesthetic, it's hygienic too.

The grout between the tiles on your kitchen and bathroom floors plays an important role in keeping your home safe, preventing water damage to the foundation, and providing an aesthetically pleasing environment throughout your home. But without routine care and maintenance, the damage to your grout could be irreversible and costly.

Waste, dirt and mildew can build up beneath the tiles, creating loose tiles that can be dangerous and costly to repair. Regular steam cleaning of tile floors throughout your home can reduce the chances of debris building up beneath the tiles, extending the life of your floors.

Image of brown tile with brown grout.
Regular steam cleaning of tile floors can prolong durability.

Because of the extremely porous nature of grout, it provides an ideal area for bacteria and germs to fester and thrive. The buildup of bacteria over time can lead to not only an unsightly appearance, but odors and possibly mold spores as well. Steam cleaning grout not only removes dust and dirt, it eliminates bacteria, germs and mold spores as well.

Our powerful, truck-mounted equipment will get steam hot enough to leave your tile floors sanitized and debris-free. David's experience and professionalism will leave you completely satisfied with pristine floors and great customer service!

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